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Iris flowers are a fantastic addition to any garden. Plant these bulbs now to have year after year of magnificent blooms in your garden. They are easy to grow with great results. No garden should be without these beauties. Irises like sunny locations with well drained soils. Plant the bulbs just below the surface of the ground. Keep the roots spread out underneath the rhizome. When planting them, it is usually best to just barely cover the top of the rhizome with soil. They should usually be planted about 8-20 inches apart for best results. Keep in mind the height they will reach when selecting the garden location for them. Fertilization is not necessary, but may help if you wish to do so. You can thin them if they start to become over crowded and they can also be divided and moved. Iris bulbs for sale are available in Siberian, Dutch, and bearded varieties. Bearded iris are some of the most beautiful bulbs in my opinion. There are so many fantastic colors to choose from including blue, purple, white, black, and yellow. If you are looking to buy iris bulbs, you came to the right place. Get your iris now and start enjoying them.

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